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Okay, see you!
— Appa

Sang-il Kim, known mononymously as "Appa" is the father of Janet Kim and Jung Kim, the husband of Umma, and the owner of Kim's Convenience. He is portrayed by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee.

Character Description[]

Appa is the 56 year-old Korean owner of Kim's Convenience. He is a blend of Archie Bunker and King of Kensington. He is a practical, stubborn, opinionated man, open-minded, but with somewhat traditional values. He has a unique perspective on life and loves to share that perspective. He has a kind heart, but does not suffer fools. He is a master of the Korean martial art Hapkido and uses it to defend his store and sometimes his views. He fancies himself a handyman, although much of that handiness involves a hammer. Appa is a devoted family man, but his bluntness extends to his dealings with family. Fortunately, his family gives as well as they get. Unfortunately, this has led to a long estrangement from his eldest, Jung.[1]

Early Life[]


Throughout Kim's Convenience[]

Physical Appearance[]

Appa is a middle-aged man, who's on the heavier side, with light skin, dark brown eyes and greying hair that covers the sides and back of his head. He has a white and grey goatee.


Appa is a stubborn yet kind-hearted man, who cares deeply for his family and the store. He is good with customers, as he makes an effort to remember their names and what they frequently come in to buy. Appa is thrifty with money, as seen numerous times throughout the show. When upset, Appa is known to have a temper and often holds grudges. As shown in "Gay Discount" he has a difficult time apologizing and admitting fault. Appa has slight trust issues with his children as shown in that same episode, presumably because in the past, Jung has violated that trust many times. Appa is very upfront about his opinions and what he wants, usually not afraid to speak his mind about the situation, shown in his conversations with Gerald.



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