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Kim's Convenience is a television series on CBC, based on play of the same name by Ins Choi. The first season was filmed from June to August 2016 at Showline Studios in Toronto. It premiered on on CBC Television in October 2016.


KIM’S CONVENIENCE, the funny, heartfelt story of the Kim family and their downtown convenience store, returns for a third season. Appa (PAUL SUN-HYUNG LEE) and Umma (JEAN YOON) try to be good parents and good partners whether spicing up their love life, navigating the unfamiliar landscape of couples therapy or discovering the pitfalls of shants (shorts + pants). Janet (ANDREA BANG) continues to launch her career as a photographer, while negotiating old flames and new roommates. And Jung (SIMU LIU) struggles to regain his job and his friendship with Shannon (NICOLE POWER) while awkwardly mending fences with his Appa.

The series stars Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Appa, Jean Yoon as Umma, Simu Liu as Jung, Andrea Bang as Janet, and Andrew Phung as Kimchee. KIM'S CONVENIENCE is based on the award-winning play by Ins Choi, who also adapted it for television. Kevin White serves as showrunner, and co-created the series with Choi, who both hold executive producer credits along with Ivan Fecan.[1]




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Character Descriptions[]

  • Mr. Kim ("Appa"): the 56 year-old Korean owner of Kim's Convenience. He is a blend of Archie Bunker and King of Kensington. He is a practical, stubborn, opinionated man, open-minded, but with somewhat traditional values. He has a unique perspective on life and loves to share that perspective. He has a kind heart, but does not suffer fools. He is a master of the Korean martial art Hapkido and uses it to defend his store and sometimes his views. He fancies himself a handyman, although much of that handiness involves a hammer. Appa is a devoted family man, but his bluntness extends to his dealings with family. Fortunately, his family gives as well as they get. Unfortunately, this has led to a long estrangement from his eldest, Jung.[2]
  • Mrs. Kim ("Umma"): Appa’s 54 year-old Korean wife, and co-owner of Kim’s Convenience. She is a practical, hardworking woman with a competitive streak. Umma is kind and caring, but her protective instincts sometimes make her a meddler, which can be infuriating to the rest of the family, especially her kids. She is very involved at her downtown church. She volunteers her time on various committees and at church events though her efforts are often soured by the presence of her nemesis, the wealthier and snobby Mrs. Park. Umma keeps in touch with Jung, though it’s kept secret from Appa. She still hopes that her husband and son will put their conflict behind them, though they might need a little push from her.[3]
  • Jung: the Kims’ 24 year-old son, currently working at Handy Car Rental. He is athletic, resourceful, and good with people, except when it comes to Appa. They never got along. Jung has always pined for the approval that Appa never gave. After running away from home, Jung ventured into petty street crime and was briefly in juvie, but has since cleaned up his act. He is working hard to put his past behind him and find his place in the world. Jung is well-liked, confident, and a born leader, which helps him at work. Since leaving home, Jung has kept in touch with Janet and Umma, but doesn’t speak to Appa.[4]
  • Janet: a 20 year-old photography student currently in first year at Ontario College of Art and Design University. Janet is very much her father’s daughter, and they often butt heads because they are so alike. She still lives at home, which saves her money, but puts her far more in the spotlight of her parents’ attentions. She loves her big brother, but she’s getting tired of the Jung/Appa drama. Janet also loves her Umma, but wishes her mother would stop trying to set her up with cool, Christian, Korean boys.[5]
  • Kimchee: 25, is Jung’s long-time friend from church. When Jung was going through a hard time, Kimchee offered Jung the tiny but comfortable spare bedroom in his apartment, and helped Jung get a job at the car rental where Kimchee also works. Kimchee tries to act tough, cultivating an urban, hip-hop vibe, but he’s really a softie. His feelings are easily hurt, and he is loyal to a fault. Smarter than he sometimes appears, Kimchee is also the fastidious ‘mother hen’ in the relationship between he and Jung. And he loves to cook eggs.[6]
  • Shannon: 26, is the manager of the car rental agency where Jung and Kimchee work. She’s from a small town in the Maritimes and loves to tell a good, if slightly rambling, story. She’s professional, efficient, and smart but when she’s nervous, as she often is around Jung, she quite often puts her foot in her mouth. She’s quirky, funny, a bit lonely, and has a major crush on Jung.[7]

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